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Arthog with Angel and Stokesley Bear

Hi! I am Stokesley Bear so called because I was found in Stokesley Methodist Church's minister's vestry by Rebecca, the Circuit Administrator. I can't really remember my life before I ended up on the table in the minister's vestry in Stokesley. Since I arrived at Stokesley, I have travelled around the circuit reporting on events going on around the circuit.

I have also had two guests come to stay with me in the circuit office: Art and Angel. Angel arrived first as a gift. She is a 'Shining Stars' bear; nearly new and still has her official labels. I discovered Art when I arrived at the office one day. He was looking at the hymn 'Angel Voices' in a music copy of Hymns and Psalms so I decided to call him Arthog (tune name) or Art for short.


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