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Details of this week's physical and online worship are as follows:

Sunday 27th September

Churches open for physical worship

Stokesley 10.30am Led by Doreen Hunt
Carlton 10.30am Local Arrangement
Great Ayton 10.30am Led by Peter Jackson
Hutton Rudby 10am Led by Graham Peacock
Seamer 10.30am Led by Revd Andrew Robinson
Easby 2pm Led by Ron Kirk

Booking for Great Ayton
Don't forget to 'book' your seat:, 07530 111912 or 01642 974198. Please do this as early as you can so that we can plan

Online worship
We are continuing to provide online worship for those churches who are not physically open on the 13th September and for those who would prefer to worship at home.

Online worship for Stokesley, Carlton and Hutton Rudby led by Local Preacher Doreen Hunt can be viewed on the Stokesley YouTube page

Worship will be streamed live from Great Ayton and can be found on the Great Ayton YouTube page

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To support the national lockdown the decision has been made to close all churches in the Stokesley Circuit. As we have been doing for the past nine months, we continue to offer weekly online worship. This is live streamed from Great Ayton or prerecorded from Stokesley and can be accessed via their YouTube pages every Sunday morning.