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Easter creativity

There are a number of ideas that churches and members of our congregations are continuing to be part of the church community. Easter has seen the creative side of many of you and Claire from Hutton Rudby has compiled a little snapshot of some of the Easter crosses, decorations and Easter gardens that have been shared with us.

Other ideas from across the circuit include:

  • Lighting a candle on Sunday as a visible symbol of the light of life, Jesus Christ.
  • Great Ayton members have been asked to make ONE CALL A DAY to someone else in their church family. It doesn't have to be long, but ask them how they are doing and what you can pray for them for. Talk about church updates and check if they know what's going on in Church-life. If you feel comfortable please pray for them over the phone.
  • Great Ayton also held a 'virtual' Easter breakfast. Instead of being able to meet in person, they continued their fellowship by having had breakfast in their own homes and meeting online.
  • Sudy groups in Great Ayton, Hutton Rudby and Stokesley have also been meeting online on a regular basis. Tricia C. at Hutton Rudby has been using Facebook messenger and other ways to share scripture or inspirational messages in a quick way when God puts people on her heart.
  • Children have been putting up colourful pictures of rainbows in their windows in a bid to spread hope and happiness during the pandemic. You could collect stones from your garden and paint a rainbow and an Easter message or Biblical quote and leave one at the end of a drive / garden of a neighbour.

-Please continue to send in your stories, greetings to the church, jokes, helpful advice or words of encouragement to your Notices Secretaries and they can pass them on to the rest of the churches who have newsletters and we can share them on here as well.

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